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Unbenanntes Dokument
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Unbenanntes Dokument To the point.

We help you to communicate with your target groups in an easy to understand, uncomplicated, short and direct manner.

Target group oriented. Uncomplicated. Unique.

In our everyday life we are overrun by thousands of texts. That makes it even more important to write texts that are unique and clear so that your target groups will get to know and remember your products, services and company in a positive way.

The specific language and culture of your company are reflected in our texts - and therefore in your Homepage, staff magazine or image brochure.

One to One Communications deals with a wide range of subjects, no matter how complicated they may be. Virtualization, Backup Software or Pipeline Constructions - we deal with complicated subjects and manage to explain them to every reader no matter whether he has prior knowledge or not.

By means of continuous issue management we plan and write your editorial texts.

We write:

Everything that needs to be short and precise: press releases or invitations.

Everything that has to explain complex and complicated subjects: articles, case studies, background articles.

Everything that is supposed to be entertaining and informative: customer magazines, staff magazines.

Nicole C. Staub
One To One Communications