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Unbenanntes Dokument PR-Training - Getting to know PR-terms.

The technical terms "Media Content Analysis", "Editorial Calendar" or "Clipping" are unknown to you? You would like to learn how to write a press release, what a professionally written article looks like or which important things need to be rembered when organizing a press conference?

One to One Communications can help you with all of these issues.
We offer trainings in all PR topics.

General Overview or detailied insight?

Our trainings can consist of a detailed insight in the different measures of professional PR. Or we can concentrate on the importance of good press releases, articles and other PR-texts for Websites or Newsletters. We also support you in understanding new disciplines such as Social Media PR and in using them for the advantage of your company. You decide.

Beginners and advanced learners.

No matter whether you are an absolute beginner or already have some knowledge of Public Relations - we teach beginners, advanced learners and specialists of related disciplines such as Marketing.

Public Relations can be fun and will help you and your firm to achieve your objectives.

Gladly we would like to create a curriculum and an offer based on your wishes.
Nicole C. Staub
One To One Communications