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Unbenanntes Dokument Think strategically. Act strategically.

Public Relations understood as relationship management of a company with its surroundings includes more than writing and distributing press releases. Its all about gaining and maintaining a positive relationship to your customers, employees and suppliers. Good PR build trust. They are an important part of every corporate strategy.

According to this understanding of Public Relations, One to One Communications does not only write texts but also advises you in all other aspects of your communication.

Our understanding of good PR:

To send the right information,
at the right time,
in the right form,
the right amount,
and the right way,
via the right media,
to the right target groups.

Good PR generate credibility that lasts. They create customer loyalty and therefore increase the business success. But they have to be relevant and need to have news value. The chosen PR tools have to fit to the target group and need to be distinguishable from advertising tools - because the best PR tools are those that cannot easily be identified as such.

Strategic PR measures - step by step.

Our basic activities for you:
  • PR analysis und conception
  • Creation of press distribution lists
  • Establishing contacts with journalists
  • Issue Management
  • Creation of press kits
  • Writing of company profiles, Vitae and fact sheets
External Communication

We write press releases, articles and case studies.
We design customer magazines, image brochures and websites.
We organize fair shows, interviews, roundtables and press conferences.

Internal Communication

Effective internal communication is the basis for staff cohesiveness and the success of a company. It motivates employees and increases their identification with the company and its goals.

We design strategies, identify suitable PR instruments and deploy them.
These include: staff magazines, newsletters, events.
Nicole C. Staub
One To One Communications