Why PR?
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Unbenanntes Dokument Build trust. Reach the right target groups.

Every company has the goal to make profits. In highly competitive times the opportunities to easily find buyers have become fewer. It has become very hard to differentiate a company simply by its products and services. The company itself - its name, personality, image and competencies - have become a very important argument. The choice for a product is driven by credibility, reliability, trust and liking.

Public Relations take over a leading part in this because they are the methodic, target-oriented and continuous effort to build and permanently maintain mutual understanding and trust between a company and its target groups.

Understanding is based as well on rational reasoning as on emotional relationships. That's why Public Relations need to equally address intellect and feelings. The aim: to obtain a long lasting relationship between company and target groups by means of a continuous dialogue.

For this we have a variety of instruments which lead to successful PR - even with a tight budget.

Achieve credibility.

Advertisement is very expensive. An ad with four colors in a magazine can easily cost a few thousand Euros. If the same amount is invested into Public Relations it is possible to address more relevant media than with a single advertisement and achieve multiple press releases which will be located in the editorial part of the magazine or newspaper, which increases their credibility.
Nicole C. Staub
One To One Communications