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Unbenanntes Dokument Fair and calculable.

PR Consulting and training

Prices for PR Services and trainings cannot be specified in a lump-sum because the needed time varies according to the individual issue or setting of tasks. Therefore, we generally charge the actual time needed for an assignment.

In accordance with our clients we define the services needed and thereupon send you a detailed offer. You will know the price in advance and can calculate your costs before we start our work.

Creation of texts

We calculate prices individually according to the needed text form and length. There are text forms which will be billed flat depending on their length (press releases with given input), depending on time needed (interviews) and based on time and effort (case studies).


We offer translations in Spanish and English (British/American).

The prices depend on the length of the original text. The calculation is based on the lines of text. One line consists of 55 characters. The price per line varies in consideration of the text form.

Standard text: 1,15 Euro per line of text (55 characters)
Specialized text: 1,35 Euro per line of text (55 characters), e.g. IT texts.

Texts in keywords (like PowerPoint presentations) are calculated based on the time needed for their translation.

All prices are net prices and do not include the value added tax (VAT) of 19 percent.
Nicole C. Staub
One To One Communications